Joanna and Henry at Waimarama Beach, NewZealand

Sometimes dreams come true...and you find yourself shooting a wedding on a beach in NewZealand.  It's even better when it's people you love like family.  These two are a wild, adventurous, wonderful pair.  It was a delight to see and even more so to hear them marry each other.  

Alex and Taylor's magical Mansfield Outdoor Centre wedding day

Every wedding is emotional but this one was something special and one I will not soon forget.  It was simple, beautiful, and full of just so much love.  The ceremony was honest, and beautiful and fun, set outside under a big tree at the Mansfield Outdoor Centre.  After a brief race to the woods where I'm pretty sure husband and wife were tied, we had a blast with the lovely to the ridiculous in poses.  Dinner was served in a big marquee tent as the sun went down around us, and dancing was quick to follow in the old stone and wood centre.  There are those times when you walk away from the day and your heart is so full you feel like you are the one who should say thank you, this is one of those times.